Here you can learn more about how NamicSoft works and how to get the most out of your NamicSoft experience.

Getting Started

Install NamicSoft Portal

Welcome to the start of your journey with NamicSoft Portal! This guide is designed to walk you through the basic steps to get NamicSoft Portal up and running on your system. Whether you're using Windows or a Linux-based operating system, we've got you covered. Let's...

Reference Documentation

Understanding Command Line Options in NamicSoft Portal

Navigate NamicSoft Portal more efficiently with our command line options. Whether you need a quick guide or access recovery, these commands are here to help.Available Command Line Options 1. Help Command: -h or --help What It Does: This command displays a help...

NamicSoft Scan Report Assistant Field Names Reference

Welcome to the Field Names Reference Documentation for NamicSoft Scan Report Assistant. This guide provides a detailed overview of all the field names available within the software, allowing you to better understand and utilize these fields for your NamicSoft...

Template Design

Introduction to NamicSoft Template Design

NamicSoft templates are an innovative feature that utilizes Microsoft Word (docx) documents to generate dynamic reports. These templates are designed to be both versatile and user-friendly, accommodating various data visualizations and layouts. Here’s an overview of...


Compare Assessments in NamicSoft: Track Changes

Welcome to the guide on using NamicSoft's Assessment Comparison feature. This powerful tool is designed to help you effectively monitor changes in between your assessments over time. By comparing two different assessments, you can swiftly identify new and...

Looking for our old documentation?

You can find our old documentation here The old documentation is primarily focused on NamicSoft Scan Report Assistant.