Customize your NamicSoft Portal effectively by understanding and modifying settings in the appsettings.json file, while being aware of which settings should remain unchanged for optimal functionality.

Important Note on Configuration

While several settings in appsettings.json can be tailored to your needs, it’s crucial to note that certain configurations are foundational to the portal’s operation and should not be altered. These include ProtectedUploadsFolder, TemplatesFolder, TemplatesImagesRelativeFolder, TemplatesFilesRelativeFolder, LicenseFolder, and Serilog. Changing these may lead to instability or malfunction in the portal.

Configurations You Can Edit

  • AllowedHosts: Customize which hosts are allowed to access your portal. By default, it’s set to "*" to permit all hosts, but you can specify particular IP addresses or domain names for enhanced security.

  • ServerCertificatePath and ServerCertificatePasswordPath: Use these settings if you wish to implement a custom SSL certificate instead of the self-signed certificate generated by NamicSoft Portal. Specify the file paths for your own server’s SSL certificate and its password here to enhance the security of your portal.

  • ListeningOptions: Tailor network settings like the IP address and port number to match your network configuration. This flexibility allows you to align the portal’s network interface with your specific environment, ensuring optimal accessibility and performance.