Create your own template

NamicSoft comes with many templates which can be used to create Word reports. Customers can also design their own templates using NamicSofts templating system.

Users normally use the templates provided with NamicSoft, as a base when designing new templates. See these tutorials on how to create your own templates using our templating system.

*Tip: We do recommend using an external SQLite Manager when testing new SQLite queries. Use NamicSoft to export your Nessus results to a SQLite database and load it into an external SQLite Manager software. This makes it easy to test and debug the queries.

Use our template design service

We offer a template design service for customers who do not wish to design their own templates. Please send a Word template to with description of how you want your template. We will investigate if it is possible to implement the requested template and get back to you with a quote. If you agree, we will start creating your template and deliver it within 5 business days.
Price: Depends on the complexity of the requested template. Generally from $80 to $120.