About Us

NamicSoft, is a product developed by Michael Pettersson Solutions AB based in Stockholm, Sweden, is dedicated to simplifying the handling of vulnerability scans. Our products, the NamicSoft Scan Report Assistant and NamicSoft Portal, were born out of a personal struggle faced by our founder, Michael Pettersson. His quest to eliminate the manual handling of Nessus reports led to the development of innovative software solutions.

Since our inception in 2013, we’ve empowered organizations worldwide to efficiently manage vulnerability assessments. With satisfied customers across the globe, we’re committed to continuous improvement, incorporating feedback to refine our offerings.

We welcome your suggestions and input as we work together to enhance our products and services. Contact us at info@namicsoft.com to learn more about how NamicSoft can revolutionize your cybersecurity efforts. Let’s simplify vulnerability management together.