Navigate NamicSoft Portal more efficiently with our command line options. Whether you need a quick guide or access recovery, these commands are here to help.

Available Command Line Options

1. Help Command: -h or –help

  • What It Does: This command displays a help message, detailing the available command line options and how to use them.
  • How to Use It: Simply type -h or --help in your command line interface while running NamicSoft Portal. A list of options and instructions will appear, guiding you on various functionalities.

2. Restore Access Command: -ra or -restoreaccess

  • What It Does: If you’ve lost access to your admin account, this command acts as a lifeline. It creates a new admin account with an associated password, allowing you to regain control.
  • How to Use It: Enter -ra or --restoreaccess in the command line. Upon execution, a new admin account will be generated.
  • Important Note: Use this command only as a last resort for recovery, as it creates a new administrative access point.