The free demo contains the same functionality as the paid version, but the demo is limited to five hosts. The demo provides a free possibility to evalute the program. A license, which can be bought here, is required to remove the five host limit of the demo version.

Note that we do NOT collect any personal information of your usage. The software does NOT contain any hidden functionality and is easy to uninstall (through add/remove programs).

Click here to read our End User License Agreement (EULA). The EULA is also included with the installer.

The latest version of NamicSoft is available below. For previous versions, visit our download archieve.

Download NamicSoft Scan Report Assistant here

Release date: 2022-03-24



+Feature: Added default setting to recalculates vulnerabilities severities based on CVSS V3 base score. This to avoid descprencies against the Nessus GUI which defaults to CVSS V3 while still basing severities on CVSS V2 in their exports.

Download NamicSoft Portal here

[0.5.0] – 2012-07-30


– Support for importing result from OWASP ZAP
– Support for importing result from NCATS
– Check for new versions at startup
– Added Favorites functionality to templates


– Minor GUI improvements
– User is now redirected to the project or assessment directly after creation


– Fixed HTML parsing of Burp results, script tags are now escaped

Download NamicSoft Portal here

Previous versions of NamicSoft Scan Report Assistant

Previous versions of NamicSoft are available in our Download Archive.