Raw_table_rows_v2 (content control)

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Raw_table_rows_v2 is used to present information about a single finding divided over multiple rows and tables. Each finding will be presented in a separate table. This content control do support an arbitrary number of columns and you can design the table with all feature available in Microsoft Word.

Tutorial for custom designing

  1. Copy the template “Content control raw_table_rows_v2 (multi column).docx” (provided with NamicSoft) and rename it according to your needs
  2. Open the template file in Microsoft Word
  3. Redesign the table, accordingly to your requirements, using all formatting options available in Word
    • The table can have any number of columns. You can also mix the number of columns between each row
    • All cells must have a content, in the example below the data cells are filled with the value DummyValue
  4. Write your SQLite statement in the SelectRows field
    • Please note that the number of cells in the table must match the number of columns in the select statement
    • Note that for this content type ALL cells, including title cells, must be included in the SQLite statement
    • Title cells can have any name in the SQLite statement as long as the are quoted, e.g. ‘my statement’. Columns which maps to data fields must be named according to their NamicSoft field name. See the table here for all available NamicSoft field names
    • The first cell is mapped to the first column in the SQL statement, the second cell is mapped to the second column etc… See the screen shot below for an example