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Pie_chart (content control)

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Pie_chart is used to present information in a pie chart. This content type is suitable for e.g. presenting the number of vulnerabilities with different severity. You can design the pie chart directly using all functionality available in Microsoft Word.

Tutorial for custom designing

  1. Copy the template “Content control pie_chart.docx” (provided with NamicSoft) and rename it according to your needs
  2. Open the template file in Microsoft Word
  3. Redesign the pie chart according to your own taste using the designing tools available in Word
    • The pie chart can have any number of slices
  4. Write your SQLite statement in the SelectRows field
    • Each column in the SQLite will be mapped to one pie chart slice
    • The first column is mapped to the left most slice
    • Note that the result for the SQLite statement must be a single row