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All available fields in NamicSoft

NamicSoft field name Data type Description Example value
bid_numbers TEXT Bug traq IDs 32319
canvas_package TEXT Name of the Canvas exploit package
compliance_actual_value TEXT Relevant output from the compliance check
compliance_audit_file TEXT The audit file that invoked the compliance check
compliance_check_id TEXT The ID number of the compliance check
compliance_check_name TEXT The numeric ID and short name of the compliance check
compliance_info TEXT Information about a compliance check
compliance_policy_value TEXT Policy value
compliance_result TEXT Result from the compliance check PASSED
Confidence TEXT
cve_numbers TEXT CVE numbers CVE-2008-5161
Cvss3BaseScore TEXT CVSS3 base score 6.4
Cvss3TemporalVector TEXT CVSS3 temporal vector
Cvss3Vector TEXT CVSS3 vector CVSS:3.0/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:R/S:C/C:H/I:H/A:H
Cvss3_temporal_score DECIMAL CVSS3 temporal score 7.2
cvssBaseScore TEXT CVSS base score 6.4
CvssTemporalVector TEXT CVSS temporal score CVSS2#E:POC/RL:OF/RC:C
cvssVector TEXT CVSS vector CVSS2#AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:P/I:P/A:N
cvss_temporal_score DECIMAL CVSS temporal score 7.2
description TEXT Description of the vulnerability The server’s X.509 certificate does not have a signature from a known public……
exploitability_ease TEXT Description of how easy it is to exploit the vulnerability Exploits are available
exploit_available TEXT Does an exploit exist for the vulnerability? true
exploit_framework_canvas TEXT Does an exploit exist in Canvas? True
exploit_framework_metasploit TEXT Does an exploit exist in the Metasploit framework? True
fqdn TEXT Fully qualified port name
id INTEGER Unique id (PRIMARY KEY) 1
inTheNews TEXT
ip TEXT IP address
ipSortValue INTEGER Integer representation of an IP address. Can be used for IP address sorting. -1062731666
IssueBackground TEXT
IssueDetail TEXT
hostName TEXT Host Name MyHost
Location TEXT
macAddress TEXT Mac Address 24:ec:99:6d:f3:5e
metasploit_name TEXT Name of the metasploit module (if one exists)
netbiosName TEXT Netbios name METASPLOITABLE
operatingSystem TEXT Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Home
path TEXT
patchPublicationDate TEXT Patch publication date 2010-12-15
pluginFamily TEXT Nessus plugin family Web Servers
pluginID TEXT Nessus plugin ID 24260
pluginModificationDate TEXT Plugin modification date 2010-12-15
pluginName TEXT Nessus plugin name HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Information
plugin_output TEXT Output from the Nessus plugin that discovered the vulnerability
pluginPublicationDate TEXT Plugin publication date 2010-12-15
pluginType TEXT Nessus plugin type Remote
pluginVersion TEXT Nessus plugin version
port INTEGER Port number 80
protocol TEXT Protocol Tcp
RemediationBackground TEXT
RemediationDetail TEXT
reportName TEXT Path of the nessus file where the host has been retrieved from. C:\scans\myscan.nessus
Response TEXT
ResponseDisplay TEXT
Request TEXT
riskFactor TEXT Risk factor based on CVSS Medium
scanEnded TEXT Scan end time of the host Sun Jan 12 13:05:15 2014
scanEndedIso TEXT Scan end time of the host (ISO-8601 format) Sun Jan 12 13:05:15 2014
scanStarted TEXT Scan start time of the host Sun Jan 12 13:05:15 2014
scanStartedIso TEXT Scan start time of the host (ISO-8601 format) 2016-08-13 20:50
see_also TEXT Links to more information about the vulnerability
SerialNumber TEXT
service TEXT Service name www
severity TEXT Severity in text Low
severityNumber INTEGER Severity as an integer. Can be used for sorting of severites. 1
solution TEXT Solution of how to deal with the vulnerability Upgrade to the latest version available by the vendor
sourcePath TEXT Path to the read report in nessusv2 format. C:\scans\myscan.nessus
sourceTool TEXT Source tool where the vulnerability was found Nessus
stigSeverity TEXT Stig severity
synopsis TEXT Synopsis The SSL certificate for this service cannot be trusted.
systemType TEXT Type of system general-purpose
Vpr_score TEXT
VulnerabilityClassifications TEXT
vulnerabilityPublicationDate TEXT Date when vulnerability was presented.
vulnerability_fixed TEXT NamicSoft specific. Can be used by users to set if the vulnerability has been fixed or not. True
vulnerability_fixed_date TEXT NamicSoft specific. The date when vulnerability was fixed. 2014-08-08