NamicSoft - Burp and Nessus parser Header

The NamicSoft Scan Report Assistant, a parser and reporting tool for Nessus, Nexpose, Burp, OpenVAS and NCATS. NamicSoft provides an easy-to-use interface which assists you to quickly create reports in Microsoft Word (.docx). The builtin parser also supports exporting the result to an Excel spreadsheet (xlsx) and/or to a SQL database (sqlite). Other functions allow you to merge hosts, to edit host and vulnerability information as well as to filter results on parameters, such as port and severity.

By using the software our customers reduce the time needed to create a report while keeping a high consistency (no cut and paste needed).

Available output methods

Microsoft Word (docx)

Quick generation of a report with the results from your Nessus scan. Customers can generate reports with custom made templates or with the templates provided with NamicSoft.

CSV (.csv)

Export all data to a csv file e.g. for manual management in Excel or other software.

Microsoft Excel (xlsx)

This output method is for users who want a quick way of exporting results to Excel. NamicSoft will export the result to an Excel spreadsheet (no customization supported).


Export data to a SQLite database, which can be used for further analysis or for transferring data into your other systems.

Supported vulnerability tools

Tenable Nessus

Import your Nessus scan results to NamicSoft using Nessus export to XML (.nessus format).

Burp Scanner

Import your results from Burp using the option to save to XML.


Support for reading results from Nexpose. Note that this feature is in beta version from NamicSoft


Partial support for handling Nmap results. The current version of NamicSoft can handle port, protocol, version and application. Run Nmap with -sSV option and save to XML using the -oX option.


Import your OpenVAS result by using the OpenVAS export to XML feature.


Import results from your National Cybersecurity Assessments and Technical Services (NCATS) scan.


Support for OWASP ZAP. Save your results in XML format and import into NamicSoft.


Support for Qualys. Save your results in XML format and import into NamicSoft. Please note that Qualys import is supported by NamicSoft Portal but not by NamicSoft Scan Report Assistant.