Here is some frequently asked questions and answers. Please contact us at if you can’t find the answer to your question here.

Please send us and e-mail ( with the feature you are missing and we will investigate if it will possible to add the feature in coming versions.

Yes you can pay without a PayPal account. You can either choose to pay by our payment provider Stripe, or you can pay through Paypal without an account by choosing “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” at the bottom of the screen after you have been redirected to Paypal. This will allow you to pay without having or creating a PayPal account.

Yes it is even though we recommend using the payment methods available on the homepage. If you still want to pay by invoice, send your order to

No, the application does not send any information at all over the Internet. In fact, the application is designed to be fully functional without an Internet connection since handling vulnerability reports normally requires great care regarding security.

No, the license is per computer. If you want to transfer your license to another computer, first uninstall NamicSoft on your current computer before installing it on the new computer.

Yes you can, but remember that the demo is limited to handle a maximum of five hosts.

All licenses are considered as new licenses and there are therefore no renewals of existing license. If you purchase a new license when your current license e.g. has 20 days left, your new license will be valid from the date of purchase and one year forward. The old license expires as planned in 20 days, and you are therefore losing 20 days of licensing time. We do therefore recommend that you wait until your license expires, or a few days before to have a safety margin, before purchasing a new license.

Please note that there is a way to “renew” a license by sending a request for a quote and providing information about your current license period. We can manually create a license which can extend the current license. We do however  recommend the you to purchase a new license from our website, since it is faster and licenses are generated och delivered within a few minutes after purchase.